COLUMN - Power management IC innovation for IoT / wearable devices.

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Do you know what it is?
It is the secret to dramatically extending the battery life of wearable devices!

〜 The key is the innovation of power ICs. 〜

May 15, 2017

the limitation of wearable devices as a result of their battery lifeSensing a persons movements and conditions at any time is leading to new fields. The possibilities of wearable devices can be expanded infinitely but, a simple problem is preventing engineers who develop wearable devices from maximizing their creativity. This problem is nothing other than the limitation of wearable devices as a result of their battery life. SII Semiconductor has already been delivering technology and solutions that address these limitations. By adopting it, you can further expand the life of wearable devices and easily differentiate your product.

Why wearable devices have not become popular

Wearable devices as represented by smart bands and watches, have attracted attention and have been a topic for a long time as a tool for visualizing a persons physical movements and conditions. However, the wearable device market is not yet well developed. In terms of details, the devices have not permeated people’s lives widely and deeply and they have not transformed their lifestyles drastically unlike how personal computers did and smartphones do today.
One possible reason is their short battery operation time.
Ironically, because they are wearable devices, it is crucial that they do not make users feel that they are wearing a device. What is considered a wearable device is not so usable if it must be charged everyday or even every week. Such devices need to be discrete. In other words, they must be devices that people can wear at all times without worrying about battery life. This makes todays wearables difficult to impress users and it makes that device difficult to transform a persons lifestyle.

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