105°C Operation 3-wire Serial EEPROM for Automotive S-93C46B/56B/66B H Series (1k/2k/4k-bit)

Available Applications
Automotive ICs are categorized according to their application. The following symbols indicate the types of applications for which an IC can be used.
Meter, body, headlamp, ITS, etc.

Accessory, car navigation, car audio system, etc.

The S-93C46B/56B/66B H Series is a high temperature operation 1/2/4 K-bit 3-wire serial EEPROM for automotive components. It is organized as 64-word × 16-bit, 128-word × 16-bit, 256-word × 16-bit, respectively. Each is capable of sequential read, at which time addresses are automatically incremented in 16-bit blocks. The communication method is by the Microwire bus.


Operating voltage range
Read: 2.7 to 5.5 V (Ta = -40 to +105°C)
Write: 2.7 to 5.5 V (Ta = -40 to +105°C)
Operation frequency
1.0 MHz (Vcc = 4.5 V to 5.5 V, Ta = −40°C to +105°C) 
Write time
8.0 ms max. 
Sequential read capable
Write protect function during the low power supply Voltage
Function to protect against write due to erroneous instruction recognition
106 cycles/word*1 (Ta = +85°C),

5 × 105 cycles/word*1 (Ta = +105°C)
Data retention
100 years (Ta = +25°C),
20 years (Ta = +105°C)
S-93C46B: 1 K-bit
S-93C56B: 2 K-bit
S-93C66B: 4 K-bit
Initial delivery state
Operation temperature range
Ta = −40°C to +105°C 
Lead-free products (Sn 100%)
Halogen-free products
AEC-Q100 qualified*2 

*1. For each address (Word: 16 bits)
*2. Contact our sales office for details.