High-Voltage Analog Switches

Better Image Quality, Downsizing, and Cost Reduction
with SII High-Voltage Analog Switches

Key Features

  • High-integration facilitates downsizing and cost reduction
    32-channel integration provides downdizing and cost reduction of your systems.
  • Signal voltage-independent low on-resistance for better image quality
    Stable 8Ω on-resistance in the range of ±100V ultrasound signal achieves better image quality.
  • Single 5V power supply for very low power dissipation
    A single 5V power supply achieves 14mW at 50kHz all 32-channel switching, and provides a safety design to your systems. Especially suitable for in-probe applications.
  • Unique pin configuration for efficient PCB wiring
    The unique pin-out of poles on one side and throws on the other side reduces the number of board layers, and consequently contributes to compact, low-cost, and light-weight systems.


  • Medical Ultrasound Imaging
  • Piezoelectric Transducer Drivers
  • Flaw Detection
  • Mechanical Relays Replacement