Smaller Package, Smarter Power Consumption, Simpler Use

Our proprietary cutting-edge core technology, cultivated during our long years of experience in the development and manufacture of semiconductor products, enables us to provide a large selection of “Small, Smart, Simple” innovative products.

  • Automotive ICs : EEPROM, with the leading automotive market share in Japan, high-quality, highly-reliable power supply ICs, sensors, timer ICs
  • Power Supply ICs : Ultra-small, low-current consumption, and high-precision voltage detectors, voltage regulators, lithium-ion battery protection ICs
  • Memory : Highly-reliable, ultra-small, and high-quality EEPROM and other types of memory for various kinds of interfaces.
  • Sensors : High-precision and highly-sensitive temperature sensor ICs, magnetism sensor ICs, extremely-low-power consumption photo detect ICs
  • Amplifiers : Low-current consumption and low offset operational amplifiers, low-current consumption comparators
  • Timer ICs / ASSPs : Ultra-low-current consumption real-time clock ICs, power sequencer ICs

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