The Seiko Instruments Inc. semiconductor business has been spun off as a separate joint-venture entity called SII Semiconductor Corporation through joint investment with the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) and will commence operation in January 2016.

Leveraging DBJ’s extensive network and know-how in the field of M&A strategy, the new company aims to establish a global presence in the semiconductor industry.

We began in-house development and fabrication of CMOS ICs based on the production of the world’s first practical quartz watches in which CMOS ICs were incorporated. Since then, we have made a significant contribution to the electronics industry by providing small, low-power consumption, and high-precision analog semiconductor products, not only for watches, but also for a wide range of consumer, mobile, and automotive devices.

As analog semiconductor products will play a more critical role in the accelerated shift to electronically enhanced automobiles and an IoT (Internet of Things) connected society, we remain committed to providing customers with high-quality semiconductor products and services and optimal solutions that meet customer needs.


Chairman Yoshihide Fujii, President and Representative Director Nobumasa Ishiai

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