Our integrated production system ensures a stable supply of high-quality products, allowing us to create innovative products that anticipate market needs.

Meticulous support

We meticulously and promptly support our customers in gaining an advantage, placing emphasis on integrity, trust, and appreciation.

Innovative product proposals

Our precise insight into potential market needs allows us to create innovative products and to come up with new, high added value.

Product development for meeting customer needs

We leverage our integrated development process technology, encompassing everything from component development, circuit design, and testing, up to package development, in order to provide our customers with solutions that empower them to pioneer the future.

Dependable, stable supply

Dedicated to the manufacture of products of uncompromised quality, we can respond flexibly to market changes and ensure stable supply.

The pursuit of quality

We carry out quality assurance activities based on our experience in the production of automotive parts as well as the ISO/TS16949 quality system and guarantee to provide our customers with security and reliability.

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