Serial EEPROM (SPI, I2C, Microwire)

Introduction – Serial EEPROM

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SII Semiconductor Corporation’s EEPROMs offer products of 1 million rewrites guaranteed. They also feature an excellent performance of 100 years data retention endurance. SII Semiconductor Corporation’s EEPROMs provide peace-of-mind data security in the form of an error prevention function which protects important data from power supply noise or noise pulses applied on the bus line, and from microcontroller runaway. Various lineup of products for general use and automotive use are provided by SII Semiconductor Corporation’s EEPROMs. SII Semiconductor Corporation plans to continue delivering EEPROMs in a wide range of small size packages in order to respond to our customers’ diverse needs. SII Semiconductor Corporation’s non-volatile memories have a proven 20-year record of excellent functionality, reliability and quality unequalled by our competitors.

1. No.1 share in Japanese automotive component market

The automotive component market demands the best quality. As a testament to the quality and reliability of our ICs, SII Semiconductor Corporation’s EEPROMs achieved the No.1 share in the Japanese automotive electronics market*.

* From SII Semiconductor Corporation market research data

2. Excellent rewrite performance

Endurance: W/E cycle/word - Threshold voltage SII Semiconductor Corporation’s EEPROMs feature an excellent rewrite performance and provide various lineup of products for 1 million rewrites. Data retention: Time-Threshold voltage SII Semiconductor Corporation’s EEPROMs have an ideal data retention endurance and provide various lineup of products with 100 years data retention.

3. Error prevention function available to protect important data

Error prevention function■ Function to inhibit write at low voltage Using the built-in voltage detector (LVDET), the IC always monitors the power supply, and inhibits writing at a low voltage.

■ Function to cancel erroneous write The built-in clock pulse monitor circuit (CPM) cancels an erroneous write instruction (SPI, Microwire)

4. Various ultra-small packages

Various ultra-small packages

In addition to 8-pin SOP and 8-pin TSSOP packages, SII Semiconductor Corporation also provides products in ultra-small TMSOP-8, SNT-8A and WLP packages.


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