Introduction – EEPROM (General use) Product Lineup

S-93C46B/56B/66B S-93C76A S-93C86B S-93L46A/56A/66A S-93L76A

S-24C256C S-24C512C S-24CM01C S-24C01C/02C S-24C08C S-24C16C S-24C32C/64C S-24C128C S-34C02A S-24C04C

S-25C256A S-25C512A S-25CM01A S-25C010A/020A/040A S-25C080A S-25C160A S-25C320A/640A S-25C128A

Note: The above lineup is designed for general use. For automotive use, read an EEPROM leaflet (for automotive use). * See the data sheet of each product for detailed specifications.