Lithium-ion Battery Protection ICs

Introduction – Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Protection IC for Multi-cell

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Protection IC

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1. Battery protection ICs for 4-series or 5-series cell

  • An overheat protection function is available despiting few external components.
  • An IC pin disconnection detect function is selectable.
  • A rechargeable battery protection circuit with an even higher level of safety can be created by combining the S-8250APDF/S-8250BPDF Series with the S-8215BPDF Series.

Example of 5-series cell protection circuit with IC pin disconnection detect function, configured by using the S-8205B Series and the S-8215B Series in combination.

2. Multi-cell Protection Circuit

Configure a multi-cell protection circuit by using a cascade connection! Choose the right product for you from SII Semiconductor Corporation’s extensive lineup. Series multi-cell protection circuit with S-8209A Series

3. Applications

Electric drill / Cleaning robots / Cordless vacuum cleaners / Electric bicycles / Electric vehicles / UPS / Smart grids (energy storage systems) * Please contact SII Semiconductor Corporation if you are considering using these ICs in automotive control units.

4. Product Lineup

Product Lineup

Specs / Data Sheets Refine search with Excel

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